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How the project idea started

Travelling Stops started as an idea a few years ago when I was travelling around South America.

Back then I harboured a desire to delve into volunteer work. Travelling was exciting, but I wanted to contribute in some way and learn about different cultures without the tourist label getting in the way.

Unfortunately, it was harder than I thought – The qualified volunteering information implied a pricy policy to help and the programs that didn’t ask any monetary contribution had a poor digital engagement and lacked a lot of information.

Subsequently I found a volunteering place with the characteristics that matched my aspirations, in that it wasn’t extremely expensive, it was trustworthy, and genuine – so I had been told.
It was not through an internet-related search that I came across this outlet, I had just met people who had been there and strongly advised me to visit that organisation.
After volunteering I became aware that the community I was inserted in needed protection and beyond that, recognition. I wanted people like me to get to truly know these communities and organisations, I wanted them to learn and to respect their ideologies and I surely didn’t want them to be too cautions and skeptical just because the information these organisations were handing online didn’t inspire hundred percent of credibility.
Having a background of digital journalism, I thought about Travelling Stops: to build a better bridge between two different realities that needed each other – A new bridge built from someone who regretted being too doubtful to cross the old one.

Travelling Stops intends to:

  1. Help independent organisations by developing the volunteering phenomenon
  2. Increase the responsible volunteering movement
  3. Bridge cultural gaps between communities and possible volunteers